Tuesday, 29 April 2014

"Under the Dome" by Stephen King

Title: Under the Dome
Author: Stephen King
First Published: 2003
Publisher: Scribner
Pages: 1092
Genre: Science Fiction
Format/Source: Kindle/Amazon

"[He] looked up and saw [her] brains drying high on one wall. What she used to think with now looked like a clot of oatmeal. He burst into tears."
On the morning of October 21, out of the blue, an invisible barrier appears all around Chester's Mill, Maine. The first two victims of the "Dome Day" are the two passengers of a little plane that crashes into the "Dome", the hand of a gardener who happened to be reaching over the town limits the exact moment is cut off by the force field, it's owner dies of blood loss.
Aside from killing another half-a-dozen or so people and one woodchuck, the Dome also prevents Dale Barbara, nicknamed Barbie, a cook and Ex-Iraq solider from leaving the town after a physical conflict with the son of the town's second selectman.
As the town scrambles to adapt with this situation, this selectman, Big Jim Rennie, is quick to hatch a plan and try to take on control over Chester's Mill, whatever the price is.
But Barbie and Julia Shumway - the publisher of the local paper - see through this plan and suspect there's a little more to Big Jim than the dutiful selectman and used car dealer than it seems.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Write On Review-a-Thon (2)

The Write On review-a-thon is a monthly event created and hosted by Brianna at The Book Vixen. It’s 2 days dedicated to getting reviews done, whether you have one review to write or 30+. This edition of the review-a-thon takes place all day Friday, April 25th and Saturday, April 26th. Let’s get those reviews done!
I've already participated at the review-a-thon once and thought I should do it again to fiiiiiinally get some reviews done.

I'd like to write reviews for these books:
  • "Under the Dome" by Stephen King (please dear god let me finally finish this)
  • "The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown
  • "The Castle" by Franz Kafka

I'm gonna set a realistic goal and try to get these done!

 Wrap up time!
  • "Under the Dome" by Stephen King FINISHED AND POSTED HERE
  • "The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown FINISHED - GONNA POST IT NEXT WEEK
  • "The Castle" by Franz Kafka HALF THROUGH 
Yup, I managed 5/6 of my list and I'm quite satisfied! I'll definately join again next month!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Tune in Tuesday (1)

Tune in Thursday is a meme created by Ginger from GReads and now hosted over at Kate's Tales of Books and Bands to showcase the music you love. Since I permanently find new beautiful songs to obsess over, I want to share them and give others a chance to maybe discover a new favourite.

So I've been in love with Rufus Wainwright for about four or five months but I still keep falling for other great songs that I didn't pay much attention before.

One of those is "Memphis Skyline", I pressed on shuffle, this came up and I just.
It's just vocal and piano but it blew me away. And the lyrics are just so strange I can't even really make sense of them. 

Under the Memphis skyline
always hated him for the way he looked
In the gaslight of the morning

The second one is "Dinner at Eight". It's so wonderfully melancholic even thinking about it makes me sad - For the record, yes I really love sad stuff. Actually very many of Rufus Wanwright's songs are this whistful, maybe that's why I like him so much.

Why is it so
That I've always been the one who must go
That I've always been the one told to flee
When it fact you were the one long ago
Actually in the drifting white snow
You left me

So I hope you enjoyed these songs! If you're currently in love with any, pleeease recommend them to me :) 

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Friday, 11 April 2014

"The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown - Review

Title: The Da Vinci Code
Author: Dan Brown
First Published: 2003
Publisher: Anchor
Pages: 490
Genere: Thriller
Format/Source: Paperback - Lent from my dad
"Men go to far greater lengths to avoid what they fear than to obtain what they desire."
- Leigh Teabing 

After holding a lecture in Paris, Robert Langdon and the curator of the Louvre have arranged to meet for drinks. Jaques Sauniére never shows up for this appointment, but, as Langdon finds out when french agents wake him and bring him to the Louvre, Sauniére has a good excuse: He has been murdered. While dying, he abviously drew a pentagramm on his belly and, in addition to a cryptic message he also wrote Langdon's name on the floor, which led the agents to believe Langdon is the murderer.

Langdon manages to flee with cryptologist and granddaughter of the deceased and now tries to decrypt the message left by the curator, who, as a member of the secret society of the Priory de Sion, tried to lead his granddaughter to an ancient truth in his final minutes of life, a truth that otherwise would be lost forever. But the French police aren't the only ones chasing those two...


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