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Top Ten Tuesday- Fictional Crushes

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted at The Broke and the Bookish. It looks really fun so I thought why not give it a go. This week is Top Ten Tuesday REWIND and you can pick any previous topic you wanted - Perfect for me to start with!

I chose "Fictional Crushes" because I'm just really a sucker for fictional characters and probably have/had dozens of book crushes over the last few years. So, here are the ten I picked out (in no particular order):

1. Harry Potter from the "Harry Potter" series by J.K. Rowling 
Admit it. You had a little crush on him too when you were a kid. 

2. Peeta Mellark from the "Hunger Games" series by Suzanne Collins 
Yes I am team Peeta. He's nice and considerate and trusting and he can bake. I like Gale too but Peeta just does it for me. True. 

3. Jacob Black from the "Twilight" series by Stephenie Meyer 
I hope I don't get hated on because I read Twilight or because I like Jacob more. I read it because everyone read it and I fairly liked it. It wasn't great, it was okay.
And I'd just rather live a normal live with a hot guy than live forever with a stone. Okay that's exaggerating. Edward is pretty and sophisticated and everything but I don't want someone with whom I couldn't get old with.

Okay now that I'm through with those three obligatory statements for a 16 year old girl I can continue with the fun stuff:
(Edit: As of 24th of February I'm actually 17. Damn. But I was 16 when I wrote this.)

4. Edward Rochester from "Jane Eyre" 
Michael Fassbender as hottie Mr. Rochester
 Mr. Rochester is a sort of mixed character. Sometimes he's rude, sometimes he ignores Jane, he played games with her and that whole story with Bertha...
But he's good at heart and really lovely when he wants to be. Also, my favourite heroine chose him so how could I resist?
Even though he is desribed as ugly in the books, I first saw the movie and he's played by Michael Fassbender who -in my opinion- is quite the opposite of bad looking. 

5. Henry DeTamble from "The Time Traveller's Wife" 
Henry is romantic, loves reading and -I bet- sexy from runnig everyday. Also, he can travel through time so Clare, his wife, already knew adult him since she was six. Isn't that sweet? 

6. Sherlock Holmes from "Sherlock Holmes" 
Benedict Cumberbatch as cutie Mr. Holmes
I'm going to quote Irene Adler from BBC Sherlock on this: "Brainy is the new sexy." Who coudn't resist a hunky genius who hasn't only an IQ of about 180 but also knows how to knock another man unconscious? I love him even though he's a weird sociopath. I'm a huge Sherlock Holmes fan and I annoy my friends with amateur deductions and Sherlock Holmes references. Actually Sherlock is the reason for my blog title. And as if his intelligence wasn't enough, look at Benedict Cumberbatch as BBC's Sherlock.

7. Shinichi Kudo from "Case Closed / Detective Conan"
He's a character from a manga and pretty much the same as Sherlock Holmes only 17 years old and from Japan. And with more murder. He temporarily got turned into a kid and then goes with the name Conan but Shinichi holds a part of my heart.

8. Richard Mayhew from "Neverwhere"
Richard is just completely clueless and clumsy throughout the whole book - understandable since he got thrown into a whole new world. And that's what makes him amiable. But being so lloyal and nice to a girl he barely knows and being brave when he had to just did it for me.

9. Dale Barbara from "Under the Dome"
I haven't completely finished "Under the Dome" yet but Barbie is my current literary crush. Clever, brave, knows how to fight, how to cook, has medical skills etc. etc. etc. He's a great allrounder and a pretty much perfect guy who just had a lot of bad luck.

10. Castiel from "Supernatural" 
Look at Mr. Squinty Eyes oh god
I knooooow this should be about book crushes but Cas is my number one fictional crush and... you know since Carver Edlund wrote about the Winchesters and -later on- Cas, so thoretically in the SPNverse he also is a book character. He's just beautiful, clueless, clever, manipulative, amiable, weird.... And he's an angel. A litteral angel. 

Good that's it for this tuesday, till next week!

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