Sunday, 9 March 2014

My Bookish Life (1) - Doctor Who, Donna, Emma and Rufus

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Over the course of the week a few little things happened that I just wanted to share here so now and in the future, when a few things accumulate I'll just make a post like this.

Doctor Who
Yes I guess I just outed myself here as a huge Whovian.
Finally my instagram is put to use!
My mum came home from the US and she brought me a Doctor Who bookmark with the eleven Doctors on it (sorry War Doctor and twelve), which is pretty cool since I don’t really have one (my last one ripped) so I used the tag that was on my Jeans. 
But no more! Behold of my new great bookmark!

Donna Tartt
I’m going to see the author of one of my recent favourite books - Donna Tartt! On March 20 she’s going to hold a reading of “The Goldfinch” in the Hugendubel at the Fünf Höfe here in Munich! She’s going to sign books, too, so I’ll just bring my copy. And I was really lucky and got one of the last two tickets.

"Emma" by Jane Austen and "The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown
I finished "Under the Dome" and after all the people who died in there I wanted something happy so I thought what's better than a classic romance. But... I find it absolutely boring and   family friend lent me "The Lost Symbol" and "Inferno". Those are easy to read and I have to give them back so I already started.

Rufus Wainwright!
My current favourite singer, Rufus Wainwright, brought out two new albums -  "Live from the artists den", a live recording, and "Vibrate", a Best Of. I highly recommend you to listen to "Vibrate". Just listen to "Go or Go Ahead" and you'll hear what a genius he is. I also recommend you "Do I Disappoint You" or, if you prefer something smoother, "World War III".
Elton John said Rufus is the best songwriter of our time but unfortunately he just isn't popular! It's probably because his music is rather complex and a little demanding rather than the simple stuff that's mainstream right now.
He's also touring right now but unfortunately he isn't coming to Munich and I can't make it to the other locations :(

Books /O.o/
As I already said, I've lent "The lost Symbol" and "Inferno" by Dan Brown and for my birthday I got a illustrated book by my aunt. It's called "London" and was written by M. Sasek. The Illustrations are just so beautiful. Plus, I got money for my birthday so that just calls for a trip to the bookstore!

I'm just really stressed out at the moment with school, tutoring and driving lessons so I had really little time for reading and drawing and watching my TV-Shows and sometimes I just want to curl myself into a ball and lie on the floor

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