Friday, 21 March 2014

My Bookish Life (2) - The Best Day of the Year - so far

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YEEES yesterday really was the best day of my year so far! Unfortunately I couldn't write about it right then, you know, it was late and all but now I can tell you all about it!


Yes that was how my day started out. School until 1 pm and after that, we all drove into the city and listened to a lecture about HIV and STDs. Sounds fun right. Well. It wasn't *too* bad but at least I had time to read during the lecture. And after that, I already was in the city so that was a good thing.

So, after that lecture, I went to the Item Shop for the first time. I've linked their FB page, I really loved it. It's disguised as a cute little shop but actually it's a nerd's paradise! They had so many stuff! Minecraft pickaxes, Breaking Bad  dolls, Sherlock Cluedo, Pok√©mon costumes, T-Shirts of all kind, Star Wars chopsticks, you name it!
And they had such, -such a huge Doctor Who selection! Doctor Who mugs, standees, earrings, key chains AND THEY HAD THIS TARDIS FITTING ROOM! I WAS IN A TARDIS! 
I ended up buying eleven's sonic screwdriver and suspenders. And check out my picture of myself, Ten, and the TARDIS. One of the three women who run the shop took it, she was really sweet! I love this shop already.

In Between
So after that visit, I went to the Irish Pub with my mom and her colleague. I had fish and chips and got a little tipsy on cider. Then we went to Muji and I got two pairs of stockings which is a great deal since I love stockings and wear them like... Everyday.

Donna Tartt
So now, for the event of the evening, I saw Donna Tartt, the author of one of my recent favourites, "The Goldfinch"! Heio von Stetten read two chapters of the book in German and ... he was great! He has a nice voice and he read all the characters so well! Then, in between the moderator asked Donna a few questions about the book, they discussed about it a little and in the end she read one part. 

Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pictures, but I recorded everything. Donna has such a young voice, it's weird. She looks like about mid thirty, her voice sounds early twenties and I just looked it up - She's fifty years old! How weird. And she's really short too. That was really interesting, from reading the book I would have imagined her differently. 

She talked about that her books always have something dreamlike about them. And she talked about memories. She used this metaphor that your mind is a suitcase and you pack memories in there like clothes and every time you take one item of clothing, look at it and put it back in, it always goes back into the suitcase a little differently. And that's how memories change in your mind, depending on what yo put emphasis on the memory morphs into something someone else would remember completely differently.

In the end, she signed my copy of "The Goldfinch" and I bought a copy of "The Secret History" and she signed that too, that was really nice. I could even thank her and tell her how much I loved the book. So, I went to my first reading and I've got two signed copies so yay, I guess I qualify as collector now.

Thor Loki - The Dark Kingdom
Obviously I got home late but still, Loki was waiting for me! Well, sadly not Loki himself, but the DVD of his recent adventure with his brother Thor. I already watched it in the cinema and loved it, I'm actually watching it right now. 
I love all the Marvel superhero movies but the Thor movies got to be my favourites because there's so much of Loki I just... 
God I'd keel to Tom Hiddleston anytime. And with Loki's black hair and this mad villain attitude he gets even better. 
But really Thor isn't half bad either. Chris Hemsworth is massive though, I mean his biceps are probably as broad as my whole frame. I saw him naked in "The Rush" and I'd probably prefer that, there he's ripped but not so bodybuilderish. 
Okay yeah back to Loki. I sort of miss his youth and innocence on the first Thor movie, he's just so mad now but he has also evolved so much. And in the deleted scenes you can see Tom Hiddleston in the tight Captain America suit.
 Have you ever read something by Donna Tartt? Do you love Doctor Who? Are you as obsessed with Loki as I am? Just talk to me pleease.

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